AiQ Synertial are pioneers of IMU-based motion capture

And we know that it's essential to start with accurate measurements of the skeleton.

Use of correct hand skeletal parameters is essential for the collection of accurate motion data. Any discrepancies between a performers hand skeletal measurements and the resultant virtual hand skeleton, can cause undesirable loss of fidelity.

Synertial’s Kinematics Guide is an easy-to-use interactive software to help you understand:

  • Correct sensor placements

  • Hand Skeleton configuration

  • Motion capture segments


The automated results from KINEXACT™ can be edited to create arbitrary skeleton files.
Our SynDash Skeleton Editor software allows fine tuning the orientation and size of hand skeletons.




Automated results From KINEXACT™ can be edited, or arbitrary skeleton files can be created to transform your performer into non-human characters. SynDash Skeleton Editor facilitates fine-tuning of bone orientation and size. 

Unique Skeletons

The SynDash™ Editor also makes it easy build arbitrary skeletons,
(such as an octopus) from scratch. We include plenty of examples 
of unique skeletons, something the IGS Cobra is designed

to handle with ease.